Medical Grade Power Supplies

As at-home and in-patient care medical devices evolve, ensuring reliability, safety, and trust is critical. Equipment performance is imperative for both patients and technicians, whether in complex medical or uncontrolled home environments.

Bel’s full range of power supplies, components, connectors and cabling coupled with decreased certification time and a global network of distribution partners, help facilitate a faster design cycle, without compromising on safety and quality.

Putting Safety First: Bel's Reliable Solutions for Medical Applications

CUI, a Bel group company, produces power products for a wide range of industries, including consumer, IoT, industrial, and medical. Our internal and external power supplies are pre-approved for 2 x MOPP applications, which minimizes certification time and gets products to market faster.

CUI’s medical adapters are certified to the latest IEC 60601-1 safety standard and 4th edition EMC requirements, ensuring your medical applications meet the highest standards of safety and reliability and are designed to last.

GaN Medical Power Supplies

GaN devices offer several advantages over silicon when applied to power supplies, including higher efficiency, faster switching speed, improved thermal performance, smaller size and weight, and enhanced reliability.

Bel offers ultra-compact GaN adapters that are 60601-1 certified. The use of GaN leads to power densities that are up to 250% greater and form factors that are up to 48% smaller than traditional silicon-based power supplies. These benefits make GaN a great choice for portable medical equipment or applications looking to maximize performance and minimize form factor.

Medical Devices in Home Health Care

Designers of home medical devices must consider how uncontrolled non-clinical environments and untrained users impact safety to meet the additional requirements of the home healthcare standard IEC 60601-1-11.

Customizable Solutions: Bel's Adaptability for Home Health Care Devices

Bel’s products include internal and external power supplies, up to 1600W, that are certified to the IEC 60601-1 safety standard and suitable for home medical applications. Our extensive in-house engineering and customization capabilities means you can easily adapt our products to meet the specific needs of your market and application.

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While many design traits contribute to the dependability of medical appliances, a safe power supply is a core element.

Bel’s growing range of medical power supplies meet the most stringent international standards and are certified to UL/CSA 60601-1, IEC/EN60601 for medical-grade power supplies, including 2x MoPP means of patient protection and BF appliances compatibility.

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